What Types Of Outdoor Lamps Do You Have?

- Feb 26, 2019-

Street lights are the arteries of the city. The main lighting is street lamp, which is set up on the road to provide necessary visibility for vehicles and pedestrians at night. Road lights can improve traffic conditions, reduce driver fatigue, and help to improve road capacity and ensure traffic safety. Courtyard lamp, scene lamp and street lamp constitute three-dimensional lighting form, enhance the road decoration function, beautify the city night scene, but also compensate for the lack of illumination of street lamp.

Outdoor lamp scene lamp

Scene art lamp is an indispensable part of modern scenery. It not only has a high ornamental value, but also focuses on the harmony between the scenery of art lanterns and the history, culture and surrounding environment of scenic spots.

Outdoor lamps and lanterns

The Chinese lamp has a generous appearance, usually has multiple light sources, generous and appropriate, high illumination, good scene effect, and is one of the representative series of the traditional type.

Outdoor lamps and fireworks

Pyrotechnic lamps have various styles and beautiful appearance. At night, they can announce colorful brilliance and flash like fireworks. They can be said to be a beautiful scenery in the evening. Fireworks lamp - parameter clarification: Fireworks lamp is a popular trend of home decoration and engineering decoration lighting. It can be divided into scene fireworks lamp, decoration fireworks lamp, LED fireworks lamp, energy-saving fireworks lamp and other materials for different purposes.

Cherry Blossom Lamp for Outdoor Lighting

Cherry blossom lamp looks like a tree. The colorful LED tree lamp is a new simulation scene lamp. It is environmentally friendly, long life and beautiful.

Buried lamp for outdoor lamps

Buried lights are round and square in appearance. They are widely used in shopping malls, parking lots, green belts, parks, tourist attractions, residential areas, urban sculptures, pedestrian streets, building steps and other places. They are mainly buried on the ground for decoration or illumination, and for wall washing or tree lighting. Their use is quite flexible.

Outdoor lamp lawn lamp

Lawn lamp is used as illumination equipment around the lawn, and it is also an important scene equipment. With its unique planning and soft lighting, it adds safety and beauty to the landscape of urban green space, and has convenient installation and strong decoration. It can be used in parks, garden villas and other lawn surrounding and pedestrian streets, parking lots, squares and other places. It is suitable to use 36W or 70W metal halide lamp sodium lamp at a distance of 6-10 meters.

Outdoor lamp wall lamp

The wall lamp has beautiful appearance and simple and beautiful lines. There are many kinds of styles and forms. They are usually placed in small areas, parks or maybe on stigmas, which are very appreciated. It has simple installation, convenient repair and low power consumption. The lamp source is generally energy-saving lamp. Raw materials are generally stainless steel, aluminium products, iron products. Electrostatic spraying on the outside of the lamp. The lamp body is usually welded with flat iron. After electrostatic spraying, the lamp body has bright appearance, bright color and uniform brightness, and has strong anticorrosive function requirements. When installing the device, four screws are usually fixed, and enough force is needed to fix it well.

Outdoor lamp spotlight

The use of a spotlight is like a flashlight, which is usually used outdoors. Indoor use is also available, because the types are different, so the use is different.

Outdoor lamp spotlight

Spotlight, also known as spotlight, makes the illumination on the designated illuminated surface higher than that of the surrounding environment. Generally, it can aim in any direction and has a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions. It is mainly used in large-scale workshops, mines, building generalization, stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks and flower beds. Therefore, almost all large area outdoor lighting can be regarded as a spotlight. The view point of the projector beam is wide and narrow, and the range of change is between 0 ~180. The narrow beam is called searchlight.

Outdoor lamp wall wash lamp

Wall-wash lamps, like water, can wash the walls like water. They are primarily used for building decoration and lighting, and also for outlining large-scale construction. Because LED light source has the characteristics of energy saving, high light efficiency, rich color and long life, wall-wash lamps of other light sources are gradually replaced by LED wall-wash lamps. The technical parameters of LED wall-wash lamps are similar to those of LED spotlight.