What Are The Ways Of Waterproofing LED Line Lamps?

- Feb 08, 2019-

1. Drop glue waterproofing LED line lamps are currently made of epoxy resin and PU glue. Place the LED line lamp flat on the dropping rubber table, fix the LED line lamp with double-sided glue on the reverse side, and then drop a layer of glue on the surface of the LED line lamp to achieve the effect of external waterproof.

2. Hollow full sleeve waterproof lamp strip, the general sleeve is silica gel full sleeve and PVC full sleeve.

3. Drop-glue waterproofing or glue-filling waterproofing of half-sleeve is to use half-sleeve sleeve at the bottom, and then do glue-dripping or glue-filling treatment.

4. The waterproofing of full-sleeve grouting or full-sleeve gumming is the highest waterproofing grade in the current LED line lamp strip, which can be completely used in water.