What Are The Technologies To Improve The Luminous Efficiency Of LED Line Lamps?

- Feb 11, 2019-

1. Transparent Substrate Technology

The LED is usually fabricated by epitaxy growth of GaP window region of InGaAlP luminescence region on GaAs substrate. A Bragg reflector is grown between the substrate and the limiting layer, which can reflect the light vertically to the substrate back to the luminous region or window, partially improving the output characteristics of the device. A more effective method is to remove GaAs substrates and replace them with transparent GaP crystals. The quantum efficiency increases from 4% to 25-30% due to the removal of the substrate absorption region in the chip.

2. Metal Film Reflection Technology

Metal film reflection technology is usually called MB process. First, GaAs substrate is removed, then Al metal film is evaporated on the surface of GaAs substrate and Si substrate simultaneously, and then fused together at a certain temperature and pressure. Thus, the light illuminated from the luminous layer to the substrate is reflected to the chip surface by the Al-based metal film, thus increasing the luminous efficiency of the LED line lamp by more than 2.5 times.

LED line lights

As a new category, LED line lamp is not only fashionable and easy to install, but also can flexibly construct various simple fashion shapes and lighting effects. So it is widely used in various fields of lighting design. So what are the common design styles of LED line lamps?

Classic European style, crystal lamp plus smooth wall line design, milky white wall and light yellow lamps and ground in harmony with each other, ceiling ceiling also uses complex European ceiling technology, in order to avoid complex ceiling technology is too complex, the ceiling around the groove parts of the line lamp, white line lamp to make the environment around the ceiling brighter.

Because line lamps can be used in many places, especially in some elegant and atmospheric places, line lamps are often used. The line lamp in this effect picture is designed with the ceiling, because many line lamp can not be exposed to the outside. If line lamp is exposed to the outside without protective measures, this line lamp not only can not bring good decorative effect, but also affect the overall design aesthetic feeling.

In order to make the corridor area more fully illuminated, the lamp is installed in the form of line lamp and tube lamp. The color of line lamp chooses warm yellow, which adds a warm and comfortable atmosphere to the indoor corridor. General line lamps are installed in the groove of the ceiling, because such installation design will not affect the indoor light, but also has a good decorative effect on the indoor environment.