What Are The Advantages Of Outdoor LED Display

- Mar 19, 2019-

1. Strong area ductility (seamless stitching)

Compared with ordinary LED display screen, this kind of optimal outdoor LED display screen has better performance and stronger practicability. Because of its strong area extensibility, it can seamlessly splice multiple LED modules without affecting the display effect, so its utilization ratio and cost-effective are high.

2. Easy broadcasting and control management (all-weather broadcasting)

After installing the outdoor LED display screen, it can play freely without obstacles. It is easy to operate and has a perfect broadcast control system. It can be played 24 hours and all-weather only by inputting the specified input, without special maintenance during the period.

3. The slow attenuation of light flux (strong anti-aging)

Professional outdoor LED display has small light difference and good anti-aging performance. Even if used for a long time or for many years, it will not reduce the display color effect, because its light flux decay rate is slow, can guarantee the use effect for a long time, so it is the most applicable in the high-end advertising display industry.

4. Strong color reduction (strong visual effect)

From large hotels or high-end shopping malls, we can see the traces of outdoor LED display. Its color reductive is very strong, so the visual effect is good, which is conducive to marketing and publicity. Moreover, the brightness of this kind of display screen is generally higher, and it has strong attraction for target customers, and its advertising value increases accordingly.