The Status Quo Of Chinese Society Under Coronavirus Spreading

- Feb 06, 2020-

This is another test for China and the world community after SARS.At this moment,andslamming,taunting,fanning,and gloating are all manifestations of lack of humanity.The virus does not recognize the country ,nation,race,rich or poor.There is no difference in virus transmission.

China’s powerful system and the effective measures it has taken to prevent and control novel coronavirus-related pneumonia are rarely seen in the world,Director-General of the United nation’s world health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on 31th Jan.

Ghebreyesus made the remarks while meeting with with State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Beijing.

The WHO and the international community highly appreciates,and fully affirms the decisive measures the Chinese government has taken to deal with the  outbreak and also thank China for its tremendous efforts to curb the spread of the contagion,he said.

China set a record in identifying the pathogen in a short time following the outbreak of the contagious disease Ghebreyesus said,and he praised the country’s timely sharing of the virus’ DNA information with the WHO and other countries.

I don’t know the source of the so-called news of many foreign friends.As a Chinese,I saw the initial panic,and I also saw the current stability.

In response to the GVM’S call,the school has delayed the start of school,it will been end of Feb at moment news,and most companies have extended the Spring Festival holiday.This is not a sign of lack of confidence in controlling the virus,it is one of the measures to put peoples’ live first.

Everyone knows that this is the most effective way to control the spread of the virus.I went to supermarket,fruit shops,etc., and there war no snap-up like it was fabricated by some media.Price have not skyrocketed.The price department is also strictly controlling the price of daily necessities to protect peoples’ daily live.

Relevant departments have made the unified deployment of some protective supplies such as makes to ensure timely and adequate supply.Which country can make such an appropriate response in the first place?

It is really boring to stay at home every day,but who wants to joke with live?As someone who is very busy working every day,having more time to spend with his family may also be a good time.After all.too many people complain that the spring Festival holiday in just a few days is not long enough.

The internet is well developed.Although I can’t meet my relatives,friends to celebrate the holiday,isn’t it convenient for video chat?Why not give up the temporary joy in exchange for the safety of life?

I am grateful for living in such a country.I believe that every Chinese thinks so.

In such a severe situation,in order to eliminate the virus as quickly as possible and ensure the safety of people’s lives,any measures are reasonable.

Every Chinese should understand and understand.

People of all countries in the world who have experienced various natural and man-made disaster should marvel at China’s timely and effective measures.

As an international trade practitioner,I have sincerely explained to each of my customers our current status.We don’t need to whitewash or conceal anything,because we have done our best to do a good job.

I believe that the Chinese people will be able to eliminate the disease asap.Because we eliminated more severe SARS than this time in 2003,didn’t we?