The Historical Origin Of Christmas②

- Oct 21, 2020-

The establishment of the Roman Church

At the beginning of the 4th century, January 6 is a double festival for the eastern churches of the Roman Empire to commemorate the birth and baptism of Jesus, known as the "Epiphany "(Epiphany), also known as the" Epiphany ", that is, God revealed himself to the world through Jesus.

The only exception was the church at Laram, which commemorated the birth of Jesus but not his baptism.

Later historians found in the calendar used by Roman Christians the date of December 25, A.D. 354, on the page :" Christ was born in Bethlehem, Judah."

Studies, December 25, companion for Christmas are thought to be started in 336 AD, the Roman church in A.D. 375 years spread to Asia minor to Antioch, AD 430 spread to Alexandria in Egypt, in the way of Salem church to accept the most late, but the Armenian church is still adhere to January 6 Epiphany is the birthday of Jesus.

December 25 is the Persian sun god (that is, the god of light) Mithra (Mithra) birthday, is a pagan festival, and the sun god is also one of the gods of the Roman state.

This day is the Winter solstice festival in the Roman almanac, the pagan worship of the sun god took this day as the hope of spring, the beginning of the revival of all things.

For this reason, the Roman Church chose this day as Christmas.

This was one of the measures that the church tried to christianize the pagan customs in the early days.

Later, although most of the churches have accepted December 25 as Christmas, but also the use of different almanac around the church, the specific date can not be unified, so on December 24 to the next year on January 6 as The Christmas Festival period (Christmas Tide), the various churches can according to the local specific situation in this period of celebration Christmas.

Since December 25 is recognized by most churches as Christmas, the original January 6 Epiphany is only to commemorate The baptism of Jesus, but the Catholic Church will be January 6 as the "three Kings to the king", in memory of Jesus was born when the three Kings of the East (namely the three doctors) to worship the story.

With the wide spread of Christianity, Christmas has become an important festival for christians of all denominations, and even for the masses of non-Christians.