Study On The Characteristics Of LED Lights

- Nov 27, 2020-

With the rapid development of semiconductor technology, LED lamps have set off a revolutionary wave in the lighting industry with its various technical advantages such as high light efficiency, low energy consumption, long life, and multi-function. Coupled with the intensifying global energy crisis, governments of various countries have also issued a series of policies to vigorously support and encourage the development of various energy-saving and environmental protection industries. As a new type of green light source product, LED has made breakthrough development in the current environment. In the current lighting market, LED lights can better meet consumer needs, bring improvements and changes in lifestyles to users, coupled with the positioning of LED lighting products, prices are basically flat, and high user acceptance. The share is growing.

In 2019, LED lights have performed very well in many sub-fields such as explosion-proof, automotive, screen, plant lighting, and smart street lights, and the industry's prospects are optimistic.

With the continuous improvement of LED technology and people's further pursuit of lighting sensory vision, people have more specific requirements for the design and performance of LED lights, which has put forward higher requirements for manufacturers.