Social Significance Of LED Lighting Project

- Feb 21, 2019-

1. The social meaning of urban LED Brightening Project has entered a new era. With the continuous improvement of people's daily level, it is just that lighting can not satisfy the needs of human beings, the development of society and the needs of commercial competitions. For urban buildings and public spaces, such as city squares, commercial civilized streets, tourist sights, Memorial buildings, prehistoric buildings, civilized buildings, the first government office buildings and traffic construction, design and implement brightening projects, coupled with advanced floodlighting equipment, to display their colorful, clear-cut levels and distinct features at night, and to build some high-grade and high-quality images. The light environment places with good quality and adapting to the city image can well set off the solemn, intimate and elegant style of the central area of the city, make the city have a stronger sense of the times, and then add the attraction of the urban space, and fully display the information of urban environmental civilization and its construction aesthetics. Therefore, the use of lighting to improve the urban night scene will have a positive impact on the development of urban tourism, improve the living environment and so on. It will bring great social benefits to the city.

2. The economic benefits of urban lighting projects follow the continuous progress of society and the rapid development of economy. Large, medium and small cities in China have carried out the construction of night lighting systems. To a certain extent, the construction of these lighting projects has brought a lot of benefits to the country and individuals. The construction of brightening project makes the city age strong, the streets become magnificent, and the business opportunities of commercial streets are promoted. Citizens buy their favorite products in the new-looking commercial streets, and the people who consume in the commercial streets will increase their components. Then the turnover of businesses will increase, and the national tax revenue will increase, so that the market economy will be more prosperous.

3. Urban Lighting Project is an indispensable part of modern urban life. "Better City, Better Day!" This is the slogan of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Of course, modern life can not be separated from the city, but as the carrier of human life, it is far from enough to make the city bright. In today's power shortage, it seems to be contrary to the international social theme of power conservation. Therefore, some people think that the urban lighting environment is a waste of economy and power, and question the construction of urban lighting projects. This is a misunderstanding of the urban lighting environment scene. From the prehistoric experience, the concave and convex incidents and crime rates have a considerable relationship with night lighting. It is the foundation and foundation of Modern City days to make people face and self-esteem in cities with beautiful environment and outstanding quality.