Reasons To Eat Turkey On Christmas Day

- Oct 13, 2020-

Turkey is a native of America and was domesticated by the Indians before the Europeans came to America.

The name of the Turkey is "Turkey" in English.

Because Europeans think it looks like a Turkish costume: black and red.

Europeans like roast goose very much.

After immigrating to America, there is no good goose has to eat goose requirements, so eat Turkey, actually found that Turkey is more delicious than goose.

And there are lots of turkeys in North America.

As a result, roast Turkey became the main dish of Americans, important festival indispensable.

This custom has a history of more than 300 years.

It is said that on Christmas Day 1620, a large number of immigrants from England arrived in the American continent of Plymouth Mountain.

At that time, there was only a poor supply of turkeys scattered all over the mountains, so they caught them as the main course of the festival.

So, in addition to ham, sweet potatoes, vegetables, plum pudding, fruit cake, cocktail, of course, the Turkey "man"!

From the perspective of nutrition, Turkey is big, delicious, nutritious and low in cholesterol, so it makes sense for westerners to like to eat it.