Performance And Characteristics

- Sep 04, 2020-

1. The LED lamp string USES the light-emitting diode encapsulated by imported chip as the light source;

2.LED lamp strings have a large lighting Angle design, with a half Angle of >120 degrees, uniform color mixing and no color spots;

3. The LED lamp string adopts the special constant voltage power supply mode of LED, and the circuit is designed as a constant current circuit, with stable working performance, so as to guarantee the normal life of >.5 million hours;

4. The LED string has good color consistency, with red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white, etc.;

5.LED lamp string installation is convenient and fast, after one-time injection molding waterproof treatment, waterproof level up to IP65, the plastic parts have installation slot, do not need any accessories, can be installed and fixed directly in the word hole;

6.LED lamp string can undertake perforated lamp string processing;

7. The LED string can achieve the effect of colorful jumping, gradual change, monochrome, full color flapping through the colorful and full-color controllers