- Feb 05, 2020-

Dear Clients:

Refer to this new type of coronavirus happen in China,it had been continue about 20 days.And the our goverment had took some vaild steps,like block the center of epidemic WUHAN city,to control the peoples move the other cities or states.So we can find that other cities have a good control and didn't have many infected persons.Meanwhile,according to the goverment information,all peoples must stay in home and can't go out to do anything,except the necessity works for the cities.

Of couse,we also find that many countries and international organization and company send the goods and material to us.Thanks a lots these friends.We will remember it.Thank you very much.We trust that we can win this war and come back the normal.

JOY-HOME will follow the goverment notification,try our best to support their works.

At last,if the clients have any question or enquire,we will keep the service and try our best to support you.Thanks!