New Green LED Production Process

- Apr 01, 2019-

UK optoelectronic technology solutions provider Plessey announced its achievement of developing a novel manufacturing method of green LED which does not require color conversion.

Plessey has been working on developing Micro LED technology for AR and display applications. The new green LEDs manufactured without color conversion techniques deliver higher luminance that can be used in Micro LED displays. Conventional green LED production usually applies phosphors or quantum dot conversion materials to native Blue LEDs. These materials then convert short wavelength blue light to red or green wavelengths with efficiency loss.

With the new method developed by Plessey, the native green LEDs are formed inherently using its proprietary GaN-on-Si epitaxial growth process which is similar to the native blue LEDs with the principal difference coming in the amount of indium that is incorporated in the quantum well structures of the LED.

“Plessey already provides powerful, efficient native Blue micro LEDs and through this innovation in our growth technology, Plessey has produced world leading high performance native green micro LEDs which will provide for next generation display and illuminator devices for our customers.” said Mike Snaith, Chief Operating Officer at Plessey.