Maintenance Method Of Outdoor LED Display Screen

- Mar 13, 2019-

1. Turn off at high temperature and humidity

When the air is too humid, the electronic components of the LED display screen are interconnected. If the circuit board is not dried, it is easy to burn the parts due to local short circuit.

2. Regular dust wiping

Outdoor LED display is hanging outdoors. Wind, rain, dust and dust accumulate a lot, which not only affects the feeling of watching movies, but also makes the LED display unevenly heat dissipation. Dust removal methods include wind blowing, brushing or alcohol wiping. Do not wipe the display screen with water. See Article 1 for reasons.

3. Power supply voltage should be stable

Voltage breakdown is easily caused by unstable voltage. When installing the most popular outdoor LED display in the industrial area, the scheme that the line first passes through the regulator and then connects to the display screen can be considered.

4. Turn off when the temperature is too high

When the temperature is high, the cooling speed of LED is slow, and the screen is easy to die because of the high temperature. The shutdown time is usually at night and when the traffic is low.

5. Turn on/off according to the rules

In daily boot-up, the outdoor LED display screen should be opened according to the mode of "Start the host computer before opening and close the host computer before closing".

6. Do not install the LED display in front of the external air conditioner

During the use of LED display, various faults will be caused by pollution, loosening, vibration, heating, environmental temperature changes and other factors, which will affect the normal use of LED display, and even cause serious accidents. Therefore, regular maintenance can not only make the outdoor LED display screen in the best operating state, but also effectively prevent the failure of professional outdoor LED display screen to achieve the normal operation of twice the result with half the effort.