LED String Performance And Characteristics

- Jul 01, 2019-

1. The LED string is made of a light-emitting diode packaged by an imported chip;

2. The LED light string has a large illumination angle design, the half angle angle is >120 degrees, the color mixture is uniform, and there is no color spot;

3. LED light string adopts LED special constant voltage power supply mode, the circuit design is constant current loop, the working performance is very stable, thus ensuring the normal life > 50,000 hours;

4. The color consistency of the LED string is good, the color is red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white, etc.;

5. LED light string installation is convenient and quick, after one-time injection molding waterproof treatment, the waterproof level reaches IP65, the plastic parts have the installation card position, no need for any accessories, it can be installed and fixed directly in the word hole;

6. LED string can handle the processing of perforated lamp string;

7. LED light string can achieve colorful jump, gradient, monochrome, full color flutter and other effects through colorful and full color controller.