LED Modeling Light And Ordinary External Flash In Effect

- Dec 29, 2020-

      Most photographers are first exposed to shooting under natural light conditions. Except for night and fill light, there are not many opportunities to use flash. Even digital SLR users are not equipped with professional external flashes. very common. Led modeling lighting photography is a completely different thing. In a dark studio, almost all the light sources come from several studio flashes on hand. The direction, color and brightness of the light are completely in your hands, but the photos taken are more It is more gorgeous and colorful under natural light.

      Here is the difference between the LED modeling light and the ordinary external flashlight from Bo Rui Lighting.

      Let's first compare the shooting effects of the external camera flash and the studio flash. The picture on the left was shot with the camera’s external flash directly at the subject. Despite the TTL control, the overall feeling is very flat, very stiff, without layering, and the shadows are thicker, forming an ugly shape on the face.

      Three LED modeling lights are used to outline the outline of the characters, and the three-dimensional sense of the subject is very obvious.

      Color temperature is one of the important parameters of led modeling lights. The ideal color temperature can make the photo achieve the perfect color effect. If the color temperature is too high, the color will be blue; if the color temperature is too low, the color will be orange or even red. Daylight type film, its color temperature is set to 5400K. Generally 4950K~5600K are regarded as allowable color temperature (the ideal value is 5250K).

      The main factors that affect the color temperature of the studio flash are the flash cycle, anode voltage and the inherent quality of the studio flash (such as stability and attenuation). The color temperature of a studio flash with advanced design and good manufacturing should not change greatly during the initial period of use and after it is used in each output file.