Introduction To Cleaning Method Of LED Landscape Lamp

- Feb 11, 2019-

The cleaning of LED landscape lamp belongs to high altitude operation, which requires professional cleaning team. Cleaning operation uses high-altitude suspension rope style (commonly known as spider man) or suspension blue, equipped with professional cleaning equipment, cleaning personnel according to different dirt on the screen to choose different cleaning agents targeted cleaning, so as to ensure that the LED landscape lamp cleaning work is completed without damaging the LED landscape lamp and support. Cleaning preparation needs two points: first, before cleaning, it is necessary to pull out the power cord. Second, the choice of cleaning solution, cleaning solution usually includes electrolyte, high-purity distilled water, antistatic liquid, etc., to choose good quality, so as to clean the appearance of the LED landscape lamp dust and other stains.

Cleaning and maintenance is divided into three steps: the first step: vacuum. Firstly, the dirt and dust on the outer surface of the LED landscape lamp shell should be removed. Step 2: Wet washing. We should not spray lotion directly on the surface of Chinese knot to network marketing plan, but spray a little cleaning liquid on the cleaning cloth, and then gently wipe along the same direction. The soft brush on the vacuum cleaner can also be used to scrub the outer part of the shell to clean the dirt. Step 3: Drying. Exercise the water marks left by the vacuum cleaner after dry and wet cleaning to ensure that the LED landscape lamp shell is neat and dust-free.