How To Select Office LED Lamps

- Feb 27, 2019-

How to Choose LED Lamps in Single Office

A single office is usually an executive office. In terms of decoration and lighting design, it reflects the taste and personality of the company's corporate culture. In this office, conversational tasks are usually carried out, and various decisions are made for the development of the company. In terms of lighting requirements, the illumination value above the desk is higher (at least not less than 300 Lx), and the lighting in the reception area needs to be gentle (about 200 Lx).

In terms of lighting use, there are relatively more choices for single office. Some enterprises that pay attention to quality and delicacy may add a ceiling Pendant lamp. In the choice of main lighting fixture, 3W or 5W LED tube lamp or panel lamp can be used. The ceiling lamp trough may also use LED lamp belts to enhance the level of space and make lighting design more refined.

How to Choose LED Lamps in Open Collective Office

Public office areas are usually used in open office places such as customer service centers and technical offices, which occupy the largest area of office space. The survey results show that the average illumination of open collective office is mostly between 200 and 400 Lx. In lighting, all working faces should be fully and evenly illuminated, so that all workstations can be fully illuminated in order to carry out work efficiently.

The main lighting can use LED panel lamp or LED tube lamp. In addition, the lamps and lanterns should have better anti-glare performance and high comfort to protect the eyes of workers. In the light distribution, the general lighting of the office should be designed on both sides of the working area, not in front of the working position.

How to Choose LED Lamps in Lounge and Reception Room

As the name implies, the regional functions of the lounge and reception room are to receive company guests. Therefore, the decoration and lighting of the lounge and reception room are equivalent to the company's "business card". The first impression of the guests is very important. Lighting requires comfort and softness. The average illumination is usually between 200Lx and 250Lx. This space can also properly improve the design sense by sucking ceiling chandeliers. LED tube lamps and lamp belts are also indispensable.

How to Choose LED Lamps in Conference Room

Conference room lighting should consider the lighting of the conference table, so that people can easily record and concentrate. According to the illumination survey results of conference rooms, the average illumination is higher than that of open collective offices. According to CIE standards, it should be kept between 300 and 500 Lx. In general, the color temperature of lamps and lanterns will choose to bring a calm atmosphere of positive white light.

In the use of conference room lamps, it is suggested that the combination of LED tube lamp + LED lamp belt or LED panel lamp + LED lamp belt should be used to separate the switch design, which can not only ensure that the desktop has sufficient level of illumination, but also make it convenient for people to read conference documents clearly and take notes when PPT is turned off.