How To Install LED Lighting Project

- Feb 22, 2019-

Step 1: Firstly, install the LED guardrail lamp on the wall: punch holes in the wall, install large bolts, then install the LED guardrail lamp, and lock it with self-tapping screw; the interval between guardrail lamp depends on the requirements of customers; generally, it is between 1CM and 3CM.

Step 2: Then connect the signal line and power line of the LED guardrail lamp. The signal line is usually a four-core or five-core male and female plug, and the power line is a two-core male and female plug.

The third step: installing power supply (transformer or switching power supply);

According to the power of transformer and the power of guardrail lamp, how many guardrail lamps can each transformer carry? For example, the LED seven-color guardrail lamp of 108 lamp is 10W/M; the LED guardrail lamp of 144 lamp is 12W/M; if 400 W waterproof transformer is used, 108 lamp and 36M tube can be brought; and the LED of 144 lamp is 32M tube. If the transformer can take 36M pipes, the transformer will be placed in the center of 18 and 19 and connected with two lines, each with 18 pipes.

Note: 1. Transformers generally use only 80% to 90% of the power;

No matter how high the power of the transformer is, it is better not to exceed 25M on each side of the tube because of the power supply wire.

There is power loss; the brighter the LED guardrail lamp is, the lower the brightness of the LED guardrail lamp is; the fourth step: the device of the LED guardrail lamp controller;

Firstly, install the distributor, connect the distributor directly to the signal on the LED guardrail lamp (five-core male and female plug), and connect the power supply (two-core male and female plug); then connect the distributor to the signal of the main controller, if the distance between the distributor and the main control is longer, it can be connected with more than five kinds of network wires, so the signal is better; each distributor can only take a fixed number of LED digital tubes, which can generally be used. Take it to 100M; when making building summary, each sub-control belt will go all the way; the detailed situation will be based on the LED action chart device (the manufacturer will help you figure out how much sub-control is needed, which way each sub-control belt takes, there will be device drawings generally). Super five-wire network is also used to connect the division control and the main control; the network lines are all eight lines, and the male and female signals are selected to connect with the network lines, which are now connected to the division control; the signal lines between the digital tubes of different loops need to be disconnected.