Discrimination Between Good And Bad Of LED Line Lamp

- Feb 05, 2019-

1. Brightness check. Use the illuminometer to test whether the illuminance of the product is consistent with the data provided by the supplier.

2. Light fading check. Check the illuminance value regularly with the illuminometer every day, whether the illumination is within the normal attenuation range.

3. Temperature check. Check 1 centimeter near LED integrated light source with thermometer, test whether the temperature is within 80 degrees, and then test the surface temperature of LED floodlight with thermometer, whether it is below 60 degrees. I remember that when I attended the exhibition before 2008, customers always felt the products. If the temperature is not high, we think this product is good. After 2008, more and more professional customers will take an illuminometer to test the temperature near the light source. Because they know that surface stability does not mean that this product is good, maybe this product is very bad, because even the heat can not be exported.

4. Whether there are scratches or deformations on the surface of the exterior part and whether there are handprints on the glass. Handprints can reflect whether the management of the factory is strict, and whether the product quality requirements are harsh.