LED Solar Resin Monk Garden Light

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LED Solar Resin Monk Garden Light

During the day, the solar panel charges the internal rechargeable battery. At night, the light will automatically turn on. The light durability depends on its location, weather conditions, and lighting availability.

Choosing the right location

Choose an outdoor location where the solar panel will get at least 6 hours of direct sunshine. The solar light should not be placed near outside lighting such as street light. This may prevent the light sensor from turning on when it gets dark.


Please note that the solar panel light is designed to work when the environment turns dark.

How to use the Solar light

There is a switch located on the back of the solar panel (see below image). Move the switch to “ON” position to charge the solar panel and the light will automatically turn on at night. Move it to “OFF” position to turn off the light as well as its charging capability.

If the light does not turn on after a being charged for 6 hours, check the following:

l Check that the solar panel is placed in a sunny location that gets plenty of charge during the day.

l Check to make sure the solar panel is clean from any dirt or debris.

Other reference design:





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