Solar Mosquito Killer Garden Light

Solar LED Mosquito-killing Lamp with white and purple LED can be changed.Size;15*15*49.5cmH
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Solar Mosquito Killer Garden Light

Attention pls : UEFFECTIVELY KILL MOSQUITOS :the wavelength produced by thepurple light has fatal attraction tomosquitoes and insects, whichlures them to fly close to the lightand then kill them with electricity,effectively control the insects

around your house and provide youwith. a comfortable environment.ONLY purple light mode kills in-sects.

How it works ?

Working principle of this lamp

The solar panel absorbs sunlight during the day and convert the lightenergy into electrical energy and store them in the built-in recharge-able battery of the lamp. This lamp is equipped with ultra-high bright-ness LED and has automatic light-sensitive function, which automati-cally initiate the phototaxis light and high voltage electrode grid to kill

mosquitoes based on the light intensity.

The wavelengths produced by the violet light have strong allure (pho-totaxis, pests lubricious sex, tropism) to mosquitoes and insects, sothe light uses the induced wavelength, low temperature produced bydischarging, phototaxis hormesis produced by ultraviolet radiation to

lure the pests to fly to the light source and then kill the pests via

high-voltage electrode grid.




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