Hanging And Stiick Solar Hexagonal Lantern

Hanging and Stiick solar hexagonal Lantern for the garden decorative.
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Product Details

Hanging And Stiick Solar Hexagonal Lantern Specifications:

Product size


Solar Panel

Monocrystal 1.2V 0.06W


1*AA, 800mAh, NI-MH batteries

Lighting source

1*F8 white LED




plastic + lamp



Charging Time

6-8 hours (under enough sunlight)

Save Energy--No need any electricity.They’re powered by the sun which charges using solar light in the day and power them up at night,The LED Lamp charged by sunlight for 8 hours can provide 8 hours illumination,realizing energy saving. Lumens: 10 lumens.

Weather-resistant : Never worry about exposing the solar lights to the rain or snow. The lights can work normally under all kinds of weather with the waterproof rating of IP44.

Decorative--suitable for outdoor use, add a charming ambience, perfect use on pathways, decorate your garden, porch or yard. 10 lumens.

EASY TO INSTALL: Turn on the switch under the cap and push the stake into the soil. These solar path lights automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn!

The solar lights is one for hanging on the Shepherd hook and another for sticking in the ground. Package includes: One Shepherd' hook and One straight stake for 1lanterns.

1. Please remove the insulation trip on the light cover before charging.
2. Make sure the solar panel absorbs in sufficient sunlight for 8 hours.
3. Make sure the earth is soft enough before sticking the solar lights into it to avoid breakage.

When you receive solar lights, please remove insulation trip then cover the solar panel by hand to keep them in the darkness to check whether the lights will light up or not.
Situation 1, the light is lighting, please placed them in the sunny area (without any shadow) to absorb full direct sunlight
Situation 2, the light isn’t light up, please reset the battery or allow at least 3 days and nights of charging and discharging for the battery to charge to its full capacity.

How The Solar Garden Light Works:

The solar light has a solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity. During the day, the converted electricity is stored in the rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. At night, the solar light is powered by the batteries using the electricity stored during the day.


Winter Tips:

Keep debris and snow off the solar panel to allow the batteries to recharge.

Charging The Battery:

For optimum performance, it is best to install the solar light in full, direct sunlight and let it charge for 8 hours before the first time use. Allow the light to run at least 8 entire charging and discharging cycles to reach the maximum capacity of the battery.

Common Failures And Solutions:

The nightly runtime for the lights is short:

1, The battery is not fully charged. Install the solar light in an area where it can receive the maximum amount of full, direct sunlight.

2, The battery is worn out. Replace the old batteries with the fresh ones.

The solar light does not turn on at night:

The location is close to other light source. Relocate the solar light or eliminate the other light sources

How To Install The Light:



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