Why should we choose LED lamps for the lighting of hotel buildings

- Feb 04, 2019-

1, Efficiency

We pay attention to the efficiency of lighting, we pay attention to efficiency, but also pursue high efficiency. The light source in hotel building lighting should choose professional lamps. Unlike ordinary light source, tungsten filament must be burned to high temperature to emit light, resulting in a large amount of electric energy being consumed in the form of thermal energy. Therefore, with the same amount of electric energy, LED lighting products have higher brightness. At the same time, we should pay attention to the efficiency of light source.

2, Environment

Environment specifically refers to the application environment of lamps and lanterns, all-weather use, not affected by any weather, whether rainy or sunny, winter or summer, can work normally, led brightening products for cold resistance, high temperature resistance, waterproof type are required, must meet the user's all-weather application.

3, Energy consumption

This refers to the power consumption. The Brightening Project is also developing in the direction of led. The LED products used have the characteristics of high brightness and low energy consumption. The manufacturing technology of many light sources and the technical level pages of related components are constantly improving. The application of new electrodes and new electronic transformers greatly reduces the power consumption.

4. Use time

It takes a long time to use, and the products in hotel brightening have been updated for more than ten years, and their working life has been continuously improved. Generally, the service life of LED light source products is 3-5 years. According to the working time of each day, the use time is different. Generally, the light source works from 7:00 to 12:00 in the evening and works 4-5 hours a day.

5, effect

Hotel building lighting can have a variety of shapes and forms, hotel lighting design has dynamic, static and dynamic combination, there is running water, a little light, many forms, the effect is good. But in the final analysis, it is how to express the building itself and convey the owner's intention.

6, Economy

Economics is about saving money. The lamp and dynamic light-emitting scanner can be set as jumping scan, gradient scan and color-mixing scan. Advertising forms with less investment, strong effect and economic utility. It has great flexibility.