What is led intelligent emergency bulb lamp

- Mar 23, 2019-

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LED intelligent emergency bulb lamp is powered by emergency battery power supply. when power is cut off, explosion-proof lighting lamps for emergency lighting can be started immediately, and it can also be controlled by an external switch. The appearance of the bulb is spherical, and the internal light source is led stamen.

Intelligent LED bulb lamp is mainly composed of LED lampshade, base, driving power supply, lamp beads, LED lamp cup (radiator), interface and other parts. A spherical bulb in which the top is the glass cover, the cover is stuck on the base, there will be a hole on the base, generally using aluminum substrate, the top is the lamp beads, luminous is the lamp beads, the base connects the heat conduction seat, the heat conduction seat connects the radiator, on the lamp head is connected with the driving power supply, the link behind the driving power supply is the interface. It can be said that the most important part of an intelligent LED bulb lamp is the LED lamp cup, driving power supply and beads.