What are the basic requirements of glowing tree lights

- Jan 28, 2021-

In landscape lighting design, it is necessary to clearly distinguish functional lighting, background lighting, decorative lighting and key lighting in landscape lighting. And according to the main temperament of the landscape light to determine the atmosphere to be formed by the lighting. The rendering atmosphere in the luminous tree lamp design is not only illuminating, flooding and brightening, but also an artistic composition of the night scene. In the design, the lighting scheme should be selected according to the visual atmosphere of the luminous tree lamp, pay attention to the choice of light color, and use the light to create a mood and atmosphere to meet people's psychological and spiritual pursuits.

Considering light color, medium color, light color, background color and space color, we must first meet the basic requirements of luminous tree lights and meet people's aesthetic needs for this atmosphere. For example, red is warm, purple is romantic, blue is calm, green is peaceful, white is clean, and yellow is noble. At the same time, attention should be paid to the atmospheric effects formed by the mixing and superposition of light colors, such as the position of the reflected colors of different lighting objects. If used properly, it can highlight specific rendering styles.

Lighting is also a form of artistic creation. The artistic rendering of the atmosphere is like a painter's artwork. In the design, according to the specific needs of the luminous tree lamp environment, various lighting methods and various light absorbed by the lighting fixtures can be used in the design. It expresses the designer's understanding of the atmosphere of the landscape light, the theme and the emotion expressed through different lights. The rendering processing method of the atmosphere of the landscape light can be decorative, natural or abstract.

In order to make people associate or suggest the use of specific luminous tree lights, decorative lighting is used to highlight the reproduction of light and shadow. The atmosphere expression of this luminous tree lamp is mainly based on the keen observation and accurate understanding of the lighting designer on the luminous tree lamp. Lighting technology can fully render the atmosphere of the landscape light.