The life of energy-saving lamp is made up of two parts

- Sep 21, 2019-

① Lamp Life: lamp life with its raw materials, manufacturing processes, manufacturing equipment, as well as quality control and guarantee system has a very large relationship. The raw material first affects the life of a product and determines the life span of a product. But the raw material is good, if the craft, the equipment, the technology and the management did not cooperate well, as long as one link problem, this product life cycle will be very short. 

② Electronic Ballast Life: an ordinary type of energy-saving lamp electronic ballast composed of about 30 components, if one of the original device damage, then this energy-saving lamp can not be lit; if the original device of an electronic ballast is very good, the life of the electronic ballast will not be long if the parameters are not well fitted. If the above two items are very good, but if the process control is not good, quality control is not good, the above kung fu even if done well is in vain.