The importance of led decorative lights

- Mar 25, 2021-

Nowadays, the artistic conception of urban landscape lighting in modern society pays more attention to efficiency than atmosphere, which has greatly changed the night life, night landscape and night artistic conception. The artistic conception of urban night scene lighting needs to create a slow-paced atmosphere, maintain the characteristics of the city, have a situation that breaks the norm, and build a profound heritage, continuous life and a broad artistic conception space.

1. Understand the characteristics of led modeling lights. Led modeling lights evolved from street lights. With people’s pursuit of beauty, the requirements for environmental and artistic lighting have also risen. The enthusiasm for investment in landscape lighting is increasing. LED modeling lights are just in line with people’s pursuits. As well as beautify the environment, bring the characteristics of art and beauty to the night. In terms of color, LED modeling lights can be made into colorful, multi-project light effects, such as stages, large leisure squares, entertainment venues and so on.

2. Understand the manufacturing process of led modeling lights. Whether it is made of steel Q235 or stainless steel, the life of the led modeling lamp is more than 25 years, but the led modeling lamp also has the characteristics of translucent, so the use of stainless steel material is just in line with this feature, especially at night, the surface of the stainless steel material can still be The color of the light source is reflected all around, making the night scene more charming and moving.

3. Understand the custom-made process of led modeling lights. Products such as street lamps are relatively large and have many styles. Therefore, the inventory quantity is relatively small or there is no inventory. They can only be customized. The general order cycle is one to three weeks, depending on the quantity and complexity.