The importance of cohesion

- Nov 02, 2019-

When the friction resistance between asphalt layers or the interface between asphalt layers and the base layer is much lower than the asphalt mixture itself, there will be a weak link of insufficient shear strength at the interlayer interface. When the road surface is subjected to a large horizontal shear force, shear displacement is easy to occur, resulting in such diseases as horizontal displacement, rutting and obstruction on the asphalt surface. The adhesive layer plays a crucial role in the transfer of tensile stress and shear stress between asphalt layers. The insufficient adhesive force between layers will lead to the interlayer elapse and the stress concentration of the upper layers, which will accelerate the fatigue cracking and lead to the destruction of the whole pavement. In order to ensure the excellent performance of asphalt pavement, it is necessary to lay or treat the adhesive layer between asphalt concrete layers to improve the adhesion between layers.