The application effect of LED lamp string

- Jun 05, 2020-

1. Led net light

Led net light is a festival lighting product which connects led with wire to form a net. It is suitable for large-area wall decoration and light arrangement of ceiling. Our LED net light can be made into square led net light, round led net light, U-shaped led net light, triangle led net light, V-shaped led net light, Star led net light and other shapes. Equipped with controller, it can produce dimming, chasing flash, left and right water chasing Equal effect.

2. Led curtain light

3. LED ice lamp

LED ice lamp is made up of several groups of LED lamps with different bubbles in series. The controller can realize the effect of flashing and chasing. It is hung under the eaves to imitate the posture of the northern ice bar. The flashing effect can bring people closer to the ice and snow world and create a realistic Christmas environment and atmosphere.

4. Double circuit LED light string

Led Ruyi star lamp is composed of extended LED lamp strings, with external controller, which can achieve a variety of flashing light change effects

5. Single circuit LED light string

① Single circuit LED light string is always on, can not be extended, multiple colors can be selected

② Double insulation structure is adopted, each wire and each wire connector are double insulated to ensure safety and reliability

③ After waterproof treatment, it can be used outdoors, safe and reliable!