Talk about the characteristics of outdoor decorative lights

- Apr 07, 2021-

Outdoor decorative lights, also known as urban brilliance projects, refer to the lighting of landmark buildings, shopping malls, tourist attractions, and streets with a lot of people in order to beautify the urban environment and improve the overall image of the city.

The design of outdoor decorative lights is of great significance to urban roads and lighting landscapes. Outdoor decorative lights not only bring us beautiful cities, but also the lights that illuminate our sidewalks at night. The planning and design of outdoor decorative lights has always been paid attention to. . The lighting design of outdoor decorative lights creates a good, lively and prosperous commercial atmosphere, which generates great commercial value. At the same time, the implementation of the successful outdoor decorative lights project also helps outdoor decoration become an important business card for the city.

Outdoor decorative lights are generally located on the main roads of the city, and the entrance is the focus of outdoor decorative lights. Commercial streets are generally long and run east-west or north-south. We should determine the focus of lighting and lighting according to route planning.

The lighting of outdoor decorative lights is a supplement to the urban lighting project, making the urban landscape more specific. The bright design of outdoor decorative lights, while satisfying the lighting, should be used to present the outdoor environmental characteristics, humanistic characteristics, service characteristics, and brand new features to customers through night lighting. Through the appreciation and experience of the outdoor street night view, tourists deepen the impression of the city. At the same time, the implementation of the outdoor street landscape lighting project also provides the people with more convenient life services and leisure and entertainment venues.

Understand the characteristics of outdoor decorative lights. Outdoor decorative lights evolved from street lights. With people’s pursuit of beauty, the requirements for environmental and artistic lighting have also risen. The enthusiasm for investment in landscape lighting is increasing. Outdoor decorative lights are just in line with people’s pursuits. As well as beautify the environment, bring the characteristics of art and beauty to the night. In terms of color, outdoor decorative lights can be made into colorful, multi-project light effects, such as stages, large leisure squares, entertainment venues and so on.