LED tree lights make up for the shortcomings of traditional landscape lights

- Feb 06, 2021-

Tree lights are environmentally friendly, long life and beautiful. The LED tree light tree pole blade is made of simulated material, the light source is LED, and the height is generally 0.8-8 meters (can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements), widely used in squares, courtyards, leisure squares, lobbies and other places. The energy-saving and durable characteristics of LED tree lights make up for the shortcomings of traditional landscape lights. LED tree lights are revolutionary products of similar lamps.

The actual voltage of the artificial tree light source is 220 volts, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can be used safely. LED tree lights are different from other LED products. The DC voltage can reduce the damage caused by the weather outdoors, plus the installation of cold-proof power cords, brand resistors, enlarged isolation columns, pure copper wires, cold-proof double-layer casings, and protection The protection of the male and female connection can effectively avoid the damage of wind and water.

The LED simulation tree is a kind of LED landscape handicraft in a broad sense, and it has been widely available in the market for a long time. It is easy to control and change in appearance, placement and decoration. In real life, people can design and decorate freely according to the actual environment. The main LED simulation landscape trees on the market mainly include: LED simulation cherry tree, LED simulation peach blossom tree, LED simulation maple tree, LED simulation evergreen tree, LED simulation birch tree, LED simulation pine and cypress tree, LED simulation fruit tree, LED flower branch, etc.

The application of artificial tree lights represents the mood of urban people eager to return to nature. Trees represent spirituality, and landscape tree flowers are an indispensable part of leisure squares and green parks. The LED light source is very small in size and can match various landscape tree flowers, making the flowers show colorful changes. These characteristics determine the birth of a new LED landscape tree light.

The light distribution function of the artificial tree light directly affects the comfort of the motor vehicle driver. If the light distribution function of the tree light is too poor, it will not only waste energy, fail to achieve the purpose of landscape lighting, but also cause dazzling glare. As a result, traffic incidents, especially urban arterial road landscape lighting, are caused by the very fast driving speed, so the level of landscape lighting of LED tree lights has a particularly outstanding impact on the driver’s night vision.