LED string lights production methods and skills

- Jan 16, 2021-

The positive and negative poles of the LED light string must be paid attention to during the manufacturing process to ensure the correct connection. It is made by monochromatic light string.

1. Monochrome light string production includes monochrome light string plug-in type and wiring. The plug-in type and wiring of monochrome light string are very simple. When inserting, insert the light string into the corresponding hole. When wiring, connect them in a certain order. At the same time, pay attention to the positive and negative poles of all the light strings to ensure that they are as close together as possible. Connect the positive poles together and then lead out the positive wire. Similarly, connect the negative poles together to lead out the negative wire.

2. The wiring of the LED light string should be tested, all the light strings are lit, the various connections are tied up and kept fixed, and then the wiring part should be covered with waterproof glue, so that the production of the LED light string is completed .