LED luminous tree

- Apr 01, 2020-

Led tree is also called led tree light. LED light-emitting tree is formed by using modern technology and new materials in processing, and the tree pole and blade are simulation materials. With the technology of LED light tree becoming more and more mature, it has the advantages of energy saving, high brightness, bright color, long life and lifelike shape. It is a kind of color lamp that imitates the image of plants. It combines beautification, greening and lighting organically. Its unique shape is elegant and spectacular, beautiful posture, and the scenery of the northern country. It is more suitable for urban lighting projects, scenic spots, hotels, cultural squares, parks, public places for large-scale community activities, coastal landscapes, etc. Where the tree lamp goes, it will satisfy people's desire for it. In the daytime, it is a simulation plant tree. At night, it will give people a completely different aesthetic feeling of lamp decoration, return to nature, enter into nature, and add a bright landscape for beautifying the environment. Now, more and more are applied to urban lighting, landscape lighting, home decoration and other places, especially in festivals, which are essential scenic spots.