LED decorative lights have a variety of shapes

- Mar 18, 2021-

Urban night scene lighting refers to an outdoor decorative lamp project that not only has lighting functions, but also has artistic decoration and environmental beautification functions. That is, the lighting decoration of buildings or structures, squares, roads, bridges, airports, stations, wharfs, historical sites, gardens and green spaces, river water surfaces, commercial streets and advertising signs, and urban municipal facilities, etc., and use lights to enhance the landscape of lighting objects Reshape and organically combine into a harmonious, beautiful, spectacular and distinctive night scene picture to express the night scene image of a city or region. The urban night scene lighting engineering methods are diverse, and the selection of lighting fixtures is also complicated, which requires a higher overall ability of the lighting designer.

With the rapid development of modern cities, various lighting facilities such as night scene lighting and light advertising have been greatly developed. At present, the number of lighting facilities has increased significantly and the lighting control requirements have become more complex. Only through intelligent control systems can the refined management of urban lighting be achieved, and it is more convenient to achieve environmental protection.

LED lighting fixtures have a variety of shapes and can be roughly divided into the following categories.

(1) Surface-emitting LED decorative lamps are the simplest ones that are flat or similar. They can be installed on the ceiling, wall or ground, and the large light-emitting area can be formed by splicing multiple small flat-shaped LED art lamps. What is more complicated is the LED art lamps of different sizes that emit light on the surface, such as various artistic luminous ceilings, luminous walls, and luminous reliefs.

(2) The combination of thin-shaped luminous bodies of various shapes or various combinations with various decorative parts and structural parts can form a variety of series of new artistic lamps such as large and small. This kind of LED art lamps has the most variety and the richest series, which can form a variety of changes, and can replace traditional chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, etc.

(3) Various LED art lamps used for outdoor lighting, environmental beautification and advertising made into shapes of birds, flowers, animals, sculptures, etc.