LED decorative lights development history

- Apr 24, 2020-

In 1962, the first practical visible light LED appeared. The development of LED has reached a very high level. LED has been widely used as the most ideal substitute for light bulbs, neon lights and light pipes. And people expect that with its further development, LED will completely replace the above light source. The future of mankind will be brighter. Because the use of LED can save a lot of energy, money and time.

The development of LED can be divided into three stages: the emergence of red LED, the emergence of blue LED and the emergence of white LED. Red and green LEDs have been developed for decades, but they are all monochromatic LEDs. If it is used as a light source, the object will be covered with a color, rather than the color of the object itself, so the application of LED has certain restrictions. The ultimate goal of LED development is white LED with high brightness, which can completely replace the traditional light source. This is a long and arduous road, until the Japanese scientist Hideki Nakamura made blue LEDs with a compound in 1993. This breakthrough has a decisive role in the history of LED development. Based on the role of this blue LED, white LED It was quickly invented in 1997. Since then, LED products have been widely used in various fields and are considered to be the lighting source of the future.