Installation of high-power LED floodlights

- Feb 07, 2019-

First, ensure that the LED high-power floodlights are good when receiving the goods. When receiving the LED high-power floodlights, try to check the appearance of the LED projector to see if it is damaged.

The second spotlight is ready for installation after it arrives at the site. It should be organized according to the installation drawings attached to the factory. First, several spotlights should be connected to try to install the drawings correctly or not. If conditions permit, one person can be arranged to test-light one by one, so as to avoid the failure after the installation upstairs.

The third is to remind installation workers of the importance of fixing and wiring, especially outdoor wiring waterproofing is very important, when fixing and wiring, it is best to review.

Fourth, after fixing the wiring of the LED high-power floodlight, it is better to use the universal meter on the main power supply when preparing for the trial run. Whether there is a wrong connection or short circuit, etc.

Fifth, after all the trial lighting, try to be as bright as possible for a period of time, the next day, the third day to review, after doing so, all are good, there will be no problems later.