How to evaluate an energy-saving lamp product

- Sep 21, 2019-

1. Security: Security includes the following:

A. The combination of the lamp holder (iron or copper, aluminum) and the plastic parts is tight;

B. The plastic parts of the tube and the lower shell are combined securely;

C. Whether the upper shell plastic parts and the lower shell plastic parts are fastened and can be separated from the high temperature;

D. Whether the shell plastic parts are used flame-retardant heat-resistant (more than 180 ℃) materials;

E. The skeleton in the electronic ballast line, the PCB has the use of flame retardant material;

F. The use of appropriate insurance elements or insurance tubes in electronic circuits. 

When the lamp holder is not bonded with the plastic parts, it is easy to appear in the lamp holder, and the lamp head is hung with the energy saving lamp through two wires. In this case, the first thing you go to take down the energy-saving lamp is very troublesome, the second is very unsafe, even if you turn off the power to change, when your switch does not control the FireWire and control 0 lines, it is easy to get electrocuted. The third aspect causes short circuit, because the lamp holder and the power cord friction lamp head easily cuts the power cord. In the forth aspect, when the power cord and the lamp or PCB welding is not good, the whole lamp is easy to fall down.