How to Choose the Outgoing Way of Line Lamp

- Feb 25, 2019-

(1) Side outlet: Choose one side from the two sides of the line lamp and punch an outlet hole of the same diameter as the line. Waterproof docking is connected with the circuit board from this hole. Its advantages are seamless docking, no dark area of brightening effect and convenient installation.

(2) Bottom outlet: Bottom outlet is a hole drilled from the bottom of both ends of the aluminium profile of the line lamp. The principle is the same as the side outlet. In addition to seamless butting, the bottom outlet lamp can also make the butt line concealed in the bottom position, with a higher aesthetic value.

(3) Plug outlet: Plug outlet opens a outlet hole between the plugs at both ends of the line lamp, which is very convenient to install. The plug outlet can not be seamlessly connected, and its aesthetics is slightly inferior to the bottom outlet.