Electronic energy-saving lamp market situation

- Sep 21, 2019-

After nearly 20 years of continuous exploration and development, China's energy-saving lamp products have made great progress and improvement, many products have been close to or reached the advanced level of foreign countries, because of high quality and low price, the international market is very competitive, but there is still a large number of energy-saving lamp manufacturers, regardless of national laws, regulations, Despite the interests of consumers, but also in mass production is not called "energy-saving lamps" of energy-saving lamps, because of its low quality, each ex-factory price only 4~5 yuan, consumer recognition of products is limited, in rural areas and most cities, there are a large part of the market, because the market accounted for the majority of the market by low-end products occupy, Make good energy-saving lamp products more difficult to enter the market, which brings a certain degree of difficulty in the promotion of green lighting, but with the increase in consumer awareness and energy-saving lamp products, the quality of energy-saving lamp products in the market day by day, the quality of energy-saving lamp market shrinkage, which at the same time brings us hope and opportunity.

Due to the efficiency of energy-saving lamps, the quality of rapid improvement, the country has been its focus on the development of energy-saving products (green lighting products) to promote and use. The English name of the energy-saving lamp is usually called energy Saving lamp (ESL), or compact fluorescence lamp (compact fluorescent lamp, abbreviation CFL), or bulb (light bulb), which is mainly composed of CFL lamp, PCB board, Plastic housing plus the lamp and packaging components, but the PCB is invisible, only when the energy-saving lights can be seen. The main technical terminology of electronic energy-saving lamps are: model, working voltage, wattage, lamp, color temperature, lumen, lamp, light decay, plastic, life and so on.