Characteristics of LED panel lamp

- Mar 20, 2019-


Features one: With LCD backlight technology and unique heat dissipation design, it ensures high efficiency, low light decay and long life of led. In the LED panel lamp, the radiator can improve the heat release characteristics of the radiator surface, such as installing several more radiators, expanding the heat release area of the radiator, etc.

Features two: Imported stamen sheet, aluminium material + acrylic lampshade.

Features three: No ultraviolet and infrared radiation, harmless to the object.

Features four: The surface is smooth, bright and uniform, soft and not dazzling.

Features five: AC 110 ~ 265V input voltage, high power efficiency. Short start-up time, no flash.

Features six: Easy to install, environmentally friendly, safe and pollution-free.

Features seven: The utility model has the advantages of stable performance, low maintenance rate, strong versatility, convenient installation and space saving.