Characteristics of LED luminous tree

- Apr 01, 2020-

1. Energy saving, high brightness and low power are the remarkable advantages of LED.

2. The protection of safety, cold proof power line, brand resistance, increased isolation column, pure copper wire, cold proof double-layer casing, and change sleeve type male and female connection can effectively avoid wind and water damage.

3. environmental protection, the main stem of the tree is steel pipe, the branches are steel pipes or steel bars, and the simulation bark is outfitted with high hardness and anti-aging materials. The blades are flexible and anti-aging materials, and the light source is LED granular lamps, all of which are waterproof and have long service life.

4. LED has long service life, low power and tree voltage of 220V, which can be produced according to the requirements of customers.

5. The branches of LED light tree can be bent 360 degrees without breaking, which is convenient for packaging and handling.

6. The LED tree is beautiful and generous, the branches and petals are plump, the color is bright, and it has a realistic feeling. Color exchange flickers and gradients flicker, playing a role of embellishment and decoration under the night.