Cautions for Use and Installation of Spotlight

- Feb 26, 2019-

1. The lamp is waterproof and moisture-proof, and its protection level can reach IP65. It can withstand the test of rain from the top to the bottom, but can not be immersed in underwater work. Its protection level does not meet the requirements of underwater work.

2. The installation position of the lamp must have enough bearing capacity, and its bearing capacity should be able to bear more than 10 times the weight of the driver.

3. The working power supply of lamps and lanterns is high voltage alternating current, which should be far away from the places easily touched by the crowd, and the earthing of lamps and lanterns should be done well, and the earthing wire must be earthed.

4. The lamp is a power type equipment, and is very sensitive to the ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature is higher than 45 degree C, its life will obviously decrease, accompanied by serious surface signs of light decay. Therefore, the lamp should be placed in a ventilated and ventilated place, so as to keep the lamp in a good heat dissipation environment.

5. The working environment temperature of lamps and lanterns should be between -25 +45 C. The temperature in the workplace must not exceed 45 degrees C to ensure the service life of the lamps.

6. Because of the high power of lamps, the suitable power supply line should be selected according to the actual power. The power supply is divided into two phases.