Analyze the causes of cracks in the outer cover of the decorative lamp

- Apr 07, 2021-

We all know that many of these activities need to use this festive decoration lights for decoration. To run an event well, this inherent program is indispensable, but if it's just like this, it will be too monotonous. It will definitely need some music and some beautiful lighting for decoration. Needless to say, music, there is sound, then everything can be ok, but what about the lighting? Its choice is much more responsible.

    According to the requirements of modern architectural appearance lighting, the miniaturization of holiday decoration lamps is the development trend of cast-light lamps. The light outlet can be unidirectional. It can also be up and down. The lamps can be designed in groups to be combined to meet the needs of light effect serialization. These lamps can also be used for green lighting.

    Due to the small and thin light source of holiday decoration lamps, the development of linear projection lamps has undoubtedly become one of the highlights of festival decoration lamps and lanterns projection lamps, because many buildings have no slots where traditional projection lamps can be placed, and festival decorations Lamps and lamps Lamps and lanterns have the characteristics of convenient installation, can be installed horizontally or vertically, and can be better integrated with the building surface, which expands the creative space for lighting designers, and will have an impact on the lighting techniques of modern and historical buildings .

    Thermal expansion, cold contraction, and internal stress cause cracking of the outer cover. If a material with nozzle material is selected, the internal stress of the material is difficult to remove, causing the outer cover to easily crack. Even if you choose better materials. If the design and production process are unreasonable, a lot of internal stress will also be generated. Experienced manufacturers will choose constant temperature protection during injection molding, reduce internal stress as much as possible, and adopt many physical methods to eliminate internal stress. Holiday decorative lights generally work outdoors. Due to the influence of temperature differences, thermal expansion and contraction are the main reasons for the cracking of the outer cover. The current better solution is to use materials with small thermal expansion and contraction coefficients.

    Different holiday decoration lights are used in different situations, and the choice of holiday decoration lights is very distressing. Because even in similar situations, the same holiday decoration lights cannot be used in general to achieve the effect. We need to know what we need and how to achieve the effect we want. It must be consistent with our arrangement, and the effect of the hope we crave, in order to get the effect. And what is the specific situation? In fact, this holiday decoration lamp is actually not good, only suitable. Festive decorative lights suitable for the scene can achieve unexpected effects.