About the function and characteristics of Led night light

- Feb 23, 2021-

The ED night light covers almost the entire visible light range. The traditional way to obtain light is to add an incandescent lamp with a filter, which greatly reduces the light efficiency.

  2. super long life.

   The actual lifespan of the LED night light is as high as 50,000 hours, which is several times or even dozens of times that of general light sources.

   3. There is no mercury in the light source and no ultraviolet rays in the light beam.

  LED night light is a solid luminous light source, green and environmentally friendly, especially suitable for use in perfume shops, jewelry stores, museums, art galleries and other professional places, and can meet the special requirements for lighting of its display products.

   4. Solid luminescence, good seismic performance, firmness and reliability.

   5. Energy saving, economical and maintenance-free.

  6. Dynamic color control, adjustable brightness, and the combination of three primary colors of LEDs can use PWM to achieve color changes.

  7. The LED night light has strong luminous directivity, high luminous flux utilization, and small size, which is easy to control the appearance design and light intensity distribution of LED lamps.

   8. The LED night light can use DC low voltage power supply, which is safe and reliable.

  9. The LED night light is not limited by the starting temperature, and can be started temporarily, usually several ms, and can reach the full luminous flux output temporarily.