Sock Toe Linking Machine

Sock Toe Linking Machine
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  1. Automaticaly lubricating nose device makes a longer performance life and a beter working environment with low- noise.

  2. .Adopting automatically ctting device, the sutures wil be ctting unified length.

  3. Turnover yarn feeding device makes the yarn cleaning conveniently.Bult-in automatic hoisting device is for conveying purpose, assure the socks'planeness.

  4. An optical fiber inductive time lapse function as yarn feeding makes it possible to set delay time according to the running speed, which reduces the waste of sutures substatially when sewing.

  5. Adopting dual channel nose device,makes the sock sewed with fine flat seams,even similar as handsewer.

  6. Adusting the sewing densiy of socks is available with a renewal gear.

  7. Point-contact touch screen computer control system makes it easy to handle.

  8. There is an automatic hoisting device inside the second nose,which can be adjusted by computer.That comes to an easier and more accurately handlig and prevents the sutures from showing up.

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